About The Media Audit Council

The Media Audit Council (MAC) is a coalition of media audit companies who offer services specifically focused on helping advertisers and their agencies continually improve the value, efficiency and effectiveness of their media investments.

The MAC provides education, information and advocacy, on behalf of its members, to all participants in the advertising industry to create awareness of the value of media audits. For advertisers, this will result in increased ROI for their media buys. For Media Audit Council member companies, improved media audit literacy will support increased business and revenue growth. .

MAC Member companies' pledge:

Member companies pledge to provide state-of-the-art tools, technologies and services to enhance the value of media purchased by their clients.

With marketers as our primary clients, our goal is to use data and insights to help all stakeholders (advertisers, agencies, and media owners) improve the value of an advertiser's media investments.

We provide valuable insight to our clients and their agencies that enables them to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

We promote best practices while ensuring that members adhere to the strictest code of ethics, including client confidentiality, while providing fair and balanced, independent assessments of media performance.

While each company has proprietary algorithms, approaches and technology platforms that power these services, the end goal is clear – make your media dollars work harder.

Behind the launch of the Media Audit Council:

MAC member companies are experiencing significant growth as media audits are being increasingly employed by leading US advertisers.

  • In fact, today 60% of America's most valuable brands utilize the services of MAC member companies to audit their media spend.

  • Three leading media audit company CEOs have come together as founding members to create the MAC. The three founders are: